Plastic Roof Tiles, Sheets, Slate Effect & Other Common Types

Using plastic roof tiles as an alternative roofing material is becoming more popular. Plastic is a very lightweight solution that comes with many benefits. Below we provide details about the advantages of plastic and the most common uses in roofing.

Plastic roof tiles are very friendly to the environment with a 100% recycle rate. This material has excellent waterproofing qualities which can resist most weather conditions. Plastic tiles are also very strong and durable with a good lifespan.

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Benefits of Plastic Roof Tiles

Plastic Shed Roofing

Plastic Tile Roof Sheets

Slate Effect Roof Tiles

Plastic Shed Roof Tiles

Benefits of Plastic Roof Tiles

Plastic roof tiles are one of the cheapest roofing solutions which are easy to install with a little experience. The simple nature of plastic means that it’s also available in many different colours. This is not the case for other materials such as tiles for example. Adding colour to tile and stone materials is much harder in comparison. Below are some of the main benefits of using plastic tiles for your roofing material.

  • Plastic roof tiles are a lightweight material that is easy to install.
  • Friendly to the environment with 100% recycle rate.
  • Excellent waterproofing qualities which can resist extreme weather conditions.
  • Plastic is hard and durable which is not easy to damage.
  • A cost effective solution which is suitable for most outdoor roofs.
  • Available in many colours with less chance of discolouration over time.
  • Excellent soundproofing qualities if you select a good quality plastic tile.

Plastic Roof Tiles For Sheds

Plastic tiles are one of the top materials for shed roofing and other garden roof surfaces such as garages. Many of the top suppliers now offer easy to install plastic tiles as your solution. You can usually find tiles that interlock which you can fix with as little as three screws. The ridge is also quite simple to install but you will need dry fixings for the edges. This will help to keep the roof watertight and prevent pests from entering.

Plastic is very lightweight which helps to prevent stress on the structure of the shed. You can usually fix a good quality plastic tile direct to the shed roof or batten. Although you can buy plastic in tile strips, you can also buy plastic sheets. The corrugated sheets are a cost effective solution which are ideal for sheds. Tile strips tend to come in many different colours but sheets are often clear.

Roof Sheets

Throughout this page we refer to plastic as tiles quite a bit. Most suppliers sell many different styles and types of this material. Some of the most common are Plastic tile roof sheets and synthetic resin tiles. Other styles include corrugated sheets, laminate and PVC sheets. Synthetic resin tiles for example are a mix of Plastic and PVC. There are other types of composite tiles and sheets that are a mix of Plastic and other materials.

Plastic Slate Effect Roof Tiles

Slate effect plastic tiles are among the most common roof tile type currently for many reasons. These tiles look identical to Slate but without most of the negatives. Plastic tiles are much lighter which reduces the stress on the structure. Another benefit is plastic tiles do not chip or crack like their Slate counterpart.

For Slate tiles you also need a roof pitch of at least 20° where Plastic tiles do not. It’s possible to apply Plastic to roofs with the smallest of pitches. You will still have the traditional look of Slate and a hard durable roof.

What are Plastic tiles made of?
Most are a combination of Limestone and Plastic but the material can vary.

What are Composite tiles?
A combination of recycled Plastic and other sustainable materials. The result is a tile which is lighter and harder than other materials.

What Are Synthetic Roof Slates?
A combination of Plastic and Rubber which can leave the traditional finish of Slate.

What Is The Price of Plastic Tiles?
The cost of plastic tiles is usually between £20-40 per square metre but can vary. There are many examples of lightweight tiles which are under £10 per m2. On the other end of the scale, the pricier options can be as much as £80 per m2. The Roofing Superstore have the best range of plastic tiles we have come across. You may have to wait up to 2 weeks for delivery.

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