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Liquid Roofing Services are masters with all Kemperol waterproofing products. We have decades of installation and repair experience using this flexible solution. Whether it be a new installation or any type of repair job. Kemperol is one of our go to liquid waterproofing systems for almost every task. We generally recommend this system for most work we undertake. Throughout this page we´ll touch of the different types of of Kemper products. We´ll also provide information about why they are growing in popularity. 

Why We Recommend Kemperol?

Kemperol by Kemper System is one of the leading waterproofing products on the market. A fleece-reinforced liquid solution that adds extra strength and layer thickness. This makes it much harder to tear regardless of the conditions. It also provides a guarantee of crack bridging which maintains the watertight performance. Kemperol adapts to all surfaces like it was part of the original design. As a result, It´s suitable for almost any surface whether it be a new installation or repair.

2K-PUR: An Odourless & Solvent Free Solution

Kemper systems supply many different roof waterproofing products such as 1K-PUR & AC Speed. These products while ideal for most projects are not odourless or solvent free. Kemper´s 2K-PUR solution however offers both these benefits. This makes 2K-PUR suitable for sensitive areas like hospitals or nurseries. Below we´ll go into a bit more detail about each product and their uses. 

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    Kemperol Products

    A list of waterproofing systems at a glance with common application areas


    A 1 component solution that´s applied direct from the tin. Fleece-reinforced that is mostly used for outdoor roof areas. Ideal for new builds and repair work. Usually rain proof in 1 hour.


    Solvent free and odurless making it one of the best products for both interior and exterior work. The best solution for sensitive areas such as hospitals, care homes or nurseries to name a few.

    022 Waterproofing

    Another odourless product that is used for damp proofing tiled areas such as bathrooms and other types of wet rooms. Can also be used in sensitive areas such as hospitals.

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