Liquid Waterproofing Contractors In London & Surrey

Liquid Roofing Services are roof waterproofing contractors providing damp proofing solutions across Surrey and London. Our team of experts have decades of experience working with the best liquid products. This dates back to the inception of liquid as a mainstream waterproofing solution. Throughout this page we´ll talk more about the services we provide. We´ll also touch on some of the advantages of liquid as your waterproofing solution.

Liquid Roofing Services

We work out of Shirley in Croydon covering all areas of Surrey. These include Redhill, Horley, Caterham and Warlingham to the east.  Central and southern Surrey areas include Dorking, Banstead, Leatherhead and Epsom & Ewell. We also travel to the western outskirts covering Woking, Farnham, Camberley and Guildford. This is also the case for northern areas such as Walton-on-Thames, Chertsey, Egham and Esher.

While we currently cover mostly Surrey we are always open to projects further afield. This includes many parts of London which are either part of or close to Surrey. We often work closely with several other contractors depending on the project size. If we currently do not cover your area then we can usually recommend a reputable company that does. While you are here, please check below for some of the services we provide and products we recommend. 

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    Waterproofing Installation & Repair Services

    While we are specialists with all types of roof repairs, we also repair other surfaces. Inside your home or workplace, these include basements, wet rooms and swimming pools. We can help you with most exterior surfaces also such as ponds, terraces and balconies. Below is a summary of some of the waterproofing installation and repairs we carry out.

    Roof Sealing

    All types of roof repairs and installations no matter the type. These include both flat and pitched roofs. Got a leaky roof that needs sealing? Get in contact today!

    Basement Waterproofing

    Basement waterproofing is another of the expert services we provide. There is currently an increasing demand for liquid to seal your basement and cellar areas.

    Balconies & Terraces

    Balconies & terraces are more common areas of your home where liquid is a go to sealing solution. It´s quick drying qualities make it a popular choice.

    Swimming Pools

    Liquid can be used to seal both internal and external swimming pools. Whether it´s a simple repair or new installation, we can seal your pool for you.

    Bathroom & Shower Wet Rooms

    Bathrooms, showers, and other types of wet room waterproofing. We recommend Kemperol 2K Pur which is both solvent free and odourless. Ideal for indoor wet rooms.


    A quick solution to either seal or repair your current or new garden pond. Why not try a quick sealing liquid based product when you next have a requirement?

    Liquid Roofing Types & Surfaces We Waterproof

    We undertake all types of roof waterproofing projects regardless of the roof style. Whether it be a sloping pitched roof, flat roof, new build or extension. Below is a brief summary of some of the roofing services we provide.

    Flat Roofs

    Flat roofs are one of the common roof types where liquid is applied as a sealant.

    Pitched Roofs

    All types of pitched roofs and other types such as table top and barrel top roofs.

    Green Roofs

    If you have a green or living roof then liquid is ideal for your project.

    New Builds

    We can help with any new build roof waterproofing requirement.


    There is an increasing demand for dormers and sealing them in recent years.


    If you are extending your property we can help waterproof your extension.

    Waterproofing Sealants & Coatings We Recommend

    We generally work with all the below liquid products but some we recommend more than others. It often depends on the project and the budget a client has. Kemperol is one of the pricier solutions but it´s also one of the best that we tend to favour. Triflex is another great solution but less expensive if you have a smaller budget.

    • Kemperol Waterproofing Systems
    • Triflex Liquid Systems
    • Sika
    • Proteus
    • Sealoflex

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