Basement Waterproofing In London & Surrey

Liquid Roofing Services provide expert basement waterproofing solutions in London and Surrey. Whether it´s a current structure or new build, we can make it watertight. This is the case for both residential or commercial buildings. Waterproofing your basement area is a great way to provide additional living space for your residential property. Much the same as a loft conversion.

We generally use liquid to waterproof basements surfaces. This is a quick and convenient solution if you just require your current surface sealed. Liquid based products are seamless and adapt to every detail of your surface. Some of the benefits which we´ll talk more about below are the flexibility, ease of application and safety aspect. You can usually walk on a liquid applied surface with 24 hours. It´s usually watertight within an hour.

Benefits Of Waterproofing Your Basement With Liquid

Liquid based systems have become the go to solution for a variety of different reasons. The most obvious is how quick a leaky surface can return to watertight. A single application will render most surfaces waterproof as soon as you apply the solution. As a result, it´s a cost effective solution which saves customers a fortune, not to mention a lot of stress and worry. Below we highlight some of the main reasons why people are turning to liquid as their waterproofing solution of choice.

Sealing Leaky Surfaces

As we mention above, a liquid solution will become watertight after first application. This usually takes around an hour with the surface drying between 12-24 hours. The end result is a smooth finish which looks great and is impervious to extreme weather. This is also true for extreme heat as well as cold and damp periods.


Liquid is one of the most flexible materials that can be applied to any roof type of surface. This includes flat roofs, pitched or even domed roofs. It can also cover your existing roof surface in most cases which avoids the need for a new installation. Other uses include but not limited to swimming pools, basements and wet rooms.

Cost Effectiveness

The fact liquid can cover existing surfaces negates the need for a new construction. A liquid surface also requires very little maintenance so you save in the long run. For a smaller cost, you can add anywhere from 15 to 25 years to the life of your current roof surface. It´s also harder to scratch or suffer damage from the elements


While a typical Liquid coating will last 15 to 25 years it depends on the product. This is why we tend to favour Kemperol. It´s slightly thicker than other solutions and thus lasts for longer. While thickness is great, liquid still needs to be applied in thin coats to be effective. It´s not possible to apply thicker coats to add to the life span of your surface.

Cold Applied For Safety

Liquid is cold applied so there is no need for hot torches and other equipment you would associate with many roof materials. While this makes liquid much safer to apply, an element of caution must be observed. Liquid based coatings are extremely slippery upon initial application. It´s best to hire a trained professional in most cases

Seamless Repair

While many materials will move in certain weather conditions liquid does not. Extreme heat for example can make some materials expand or contract. This makes liquid the ideal solution for surfaces with complicated details. Roofs with complex designs are much easier to seal. This is also the case for most other surfaces that require waterproofing.

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Basement Waterproofing In London & Surrey

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