Balcony, Terrace & Walkway Waterproofing In Surrey & London

It´s essential to make sure your balcony and terrace areas are waterproof. These areas of your home or business are constantly exposed to the elements. Neglecting these surfaces can quickly lead to expensive structural repair. This can be as little as one year depending on how much water infiltrates the substrate.

We specialise in liquid based waterproofing systems such as Kemperol & Triflex. These products are among the market leaders for waterproofing. This is especially true for your balcony and terrace areas to keep them watertight. We can even apply a liquid coating over your existing surfaces much the same as roofs. This is also true for any existing walkway areas you have.

Liquid Waterproofing Your Balcony Or Terrace

Applying a liquid system is the best option for even the most complex confined spaces. The liquid forms a watertight membrane that adapts to every corner and edge of your surface. This means there are no seems or joints as is the case with most other materials.

There is no wastage making liquid one of the most cost effective solutions for small spaces. It´s also available in odourless and solvent free products. Kemperol 2K PUR is one such system we install that has no smell or solvents. This product is ideal for sensitive areas where there may be children and other vulnerable people close by. 

Balcony Waterproofing
A Recent Liquid Balcony Project

Benefits Of Liquid Waterproofing

A short summary of some of the reasons why liquid waterproofing is the solution for you.

100% Cold Applied

Liquid is 100% cold applied so there is no need for torches or other hot works. No naked flames means it´s a much safer solution than most.

Suitable for All Areas

Liquid can be applied to any flat surface. Even those with no barriers.

Cost Effective

Because there is no wastage, liquid is cost effective for small areas.

Liquid Waterproofing Contractors

Low Weight

Liquid is a lightweight option so there is less weight on your surface or structure. The low imposed weight makes it an ideal solution for balconies & terraces.

No Seems Or Joints

Because of the liquid form there are no seems or joints like other materials.

No Fixtures

There is no need for mechanics, fillets or other types of fixtures.

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