Bauder Cold Applied Liquid & Other Waterpoofing Systems

The Bauder roof systems are among the market leaders for flat roofing currently. Many of the projects we work on involve the installation of these products.

Bauder also specialise in many other types of roof systems. Green roofs, Blue roofs and Solar Power solutions among them.

Bauder Roof Systems

Cold Liquid Applied Systems

There are two cold liquid solutions available which serve different surfaces. The first is a roof system and the second is suitable for balconies and terraces.

LiquiTEC Roof System
A cost effective roofing system that saves time on installation due to it’s ease to apply. This system is friendly to the environment and ideal for green roofing projects. A durable and high quality cold liquid applied waterproofing product.

LiquiTEC Balcony, Walkway and Terrace System
A slip resistant membrane that is ideal for balconies, walkways and even stairs. This is another product that’s green and very friendly to the environment. You can save money on costs thanks to the time it takes to install this system. This system is 100% cold applied so no need for flames and potential hazards.

Bauder Single Ply Membranes

Thermofol PVC
This system is a high grade formulation which has a high resistance to fire. Another key benefit is the resistance level to chemical and micro-organism attacks. This system is idea for all types of flat roofing including green roofs.

The membrane has a high tensile strength which stays flexible at -30°C. This system uses hot air welding which does not require a flame. It’s also resistant to all European weather conditions plus any tears and punctures. Product is available in light grey, dark grey and anthracite colours.

Thermoplan FPO System
This system does not contain any plasticisers, halogens or heavy metals. It’s also ideal for new build and refurbishing projects. This system stays flexible at temperatures as low as -45°C and has a long life expectancy. You can buy this system in silver grey and pearl white colours.

Total Roof Systems & Bituminous Membranes

Bauder make five two layer bituminous membrane systems and two single layer systems. Bituminous systems have one of the longest lifespans which do not need much upkeep. It’s usually a good idea to perform some annual maintenance to add to the lifespan.

There are too many systems to go into a lot of detail but you can check here for more information about each.

Bauder Total Roof System Plus
Heavy duty, robust and tough system which has a lifespan of over 50 years. It’s very difficult to tear or puncture and is resistant to 150⁰C temperatures.

Bauder Total Roof System
Ideal for cold, warm and inverted roof systems. Can resist temperatures of over 100⁰C and lasts for more than 40 years. Contains all the same qualities as the plus system above.

Ideal for cold and warm and other types of roof designs which can also overlay existing roofing materials. Can withstand temperatures of over 100⁰C and has a life expectancy of up to 25 years.

An extremely effective torch-free bitumen membrane solution using hot air welding. This systems has a flame free installation process and a life expectancy of over 30 years. Another best selling systems that can withstand temperatures of over 100⁰C.

More Bituminous Bauder Roof Systems

Pro F
A single layer bitumen system that is ideal for warm roofs and refurbishing projects. This system comes with a flame-free option and lasts for over 30 years. Like several of the systems above, Pro F can withstand temperatures of over 100⁰C.

Bauder THERM ‘Stripes’ System
This system is best when your current roof is still waterproof but is coming to the end of it’s lifespan. The Therm Stripes system acts as an overlay to extend the life expectancy further.

Torch-Free Detailing
Integrates into all the Bauder bituminous waterproofing solutions, including hot melt systems. The torch-free application reduces the risk for clients and contractors. This is one of the most robust systems that still has a long lifespan.

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